Agronomical Experimentation and Research in agrochemical products

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AgriScience conducts biological trials for screening or registration of agrochemicals.

It also provides biological trials for the placement of agrochemicals in the market (demonstration or pre-launch trials).

The biological trials are carried out by qualified and highly trained personnel and by using appropriate equipment, which ensures high reliability of the results.

Application methods used include sprays, application of granular products, seed treatments, drip irrigation or drench application. In terms of application timing, the products may be tested for both pre-harvest and post-harvest usage.

The services we provide for management of field trials include:

  •  Drafting of Study Protocol (G.E.P.) or Study plan (G.L.P)
  • Preparation of Field notebook
  • Data management using validated software
  • Statistical analysis of experimental data
  • Drafting of Final report of Trial (G.E.P.) or Study Final report (G.L.P.)