Premises and regions of activity

At present, the company operates exclusively in Greece.

The headquarters of AgriScience are located in Thermi of Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia (Northern Greece). The company is located just 6 km from the airport “Macedonia” of Thessaloniki.

The plain of Macedonia is one of the most important agricultural regions of Greece covering a wide range of crops, such as cereals, pomefruit, stonefruit, olives, grapes, vegetables (open field and greenhouse), cotton, alfalfa and others.

Also, access to rural areas from neighboring geographic districts, such as Thrace, Epirus and Thessaly, is very easy and fast, and meets the requirements for a wide range of crops and target organisms

AgriScience through its network of partners and to adequately cover all of its customers’ needs for crops and target organisms throughout the year, can perform with its own staff experimentation in areas remote from the location the company, such as Peloponnese (Aegion, Achaia) and Crete (Ierapetra, Lasithi).

The area of ​​Achaia and neighboring counties cover the need for experimentation on strawberries, citrus trees, artichokes, open field and greenhouse vegetables, olives and vines (Korinthian currants and sultana varieties).

The area of Ierapetra consists one of the most important regions of Greece for production of glasshouse vegetables, olives, bananas and flowers and is a trade centre in exporting agricultural products.