Demonstration and marketing trials

Harvest in rice
Harvest in wheat
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Field tour
Field tour
Field tour

Demonstration trials present the benefits of the new products to the farmers, the commercial partners, as well as to the other participating bodies, in order to place the new products on the market.

Demonstration trials are carried out by our well-trained and experienced scientific staff, using modern equipment, in accordance with the standard operating procedures and trial protocols of our company. We always make sure to choose the most suitable fields that will promote the advantages of the technology of new products.

AgriScienceGEO offers a range of demonstration testing services, such as:

  • Demonstration of the impact of new products on target organisms or on the crop and comparison to other competing commercial products
  • Placement of new products in integrated plant protection programs
  • Sales and marketing support
  • Demonstration of the impact of new products on different varieties
  • Demonstration of the different application methods of the new products
  • Demonstration of the yield and of the qualitative traits of new varieties
  • Demonstration of the performance of new products under different environmental conditions (irrigation, stress, etc.)

If you are interested in conducting demonstration/marketing trials with AgriScienceGEO, please contact us today.