GLP residue studies

Application with drip irrigation
Application with drip irrigation
Test plot on greenhouse cucumbers
Test plot on greenhouse cucumbers

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) is a quality system, which concerns the organizational process and the conditions under which non-clinical laboratory studies for the safety of human health and the environment, are designed, conducted, tested, recorded, archived and presented in a final report. In non-clinical studies, a test item is tested in the laboratory or in the environment to gather information about its properties and / or safety and to submit it to regulatory authorities.

AgriScienceGEO is certified by the Greek authorities (General Chemical State Laboratory) as a GLP compliant Test Facility to conduct field and greenhouse studies for the determination of pesticide residues in food or animal feedstuffs.

The GLP trials are carried out by our experienced scientific team in all regions of Greece and on a wide range of crops such as trees, vines, arable crops (cereals, legumes and industrial plants) and vegetables (field and greenhouse). The studies are performed according to the GLP Standard Operating Procedures of AgriScienceGEO. The test items are applied by seed dressing, soil broadcast or in furrow application during drilling/planting, soil and foliar sprays, dusting, drip/drench Irrigation, etc.

AgriScienceGEO can offer the following GLP studies:


  • Field and Glasshouse Studies
  • Harvest or MOR (Magnitude of residues) trials
  • Decline trials
  • Reverse Decline trials
  • Rotational Crop trials
  • Post Harvest trials
  • Stored product trials


  • Processing of cereal grain to produce flour, bran, whole meal flour and bread
  • Processing of grapes into raisins
  • Ginning of cotton into seed and lint


The analytical phase is conducted in partnership with external GLP laboratories.

Our GLP services include:

  • Overall Project and Study management, or Field Phase management
  • Quality Assurance services
  • Drafting of the Study Plan
  • Preparation of a study notebook to record the raw data
  • Performance of field or processing phase
  • Specimen storage and dispatch to the analytical laboratory
  • Drafting of a Final Report and a GLP Quality Assurance Statement
  • Archiving of Study documents and materials

If you are interested in conducting GEP biological trials with AgriScienceGEO, please contact us today.