GEP biological trials


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Good Experimental Practice (GEP) is a set of rules that ensures that the trials for the evaluation of the efficacy, phytotoxicity, side effects, and the risks for resistance development are conducted according to uniform principles, which ensure high quality and mutual recognition of trial results among the EU member states.

AgriScienceGEO is certified to perform GEP efficacy trials by the Greek authorities (Ministry of Food and Rural Development), with official registration number AGR/15/2016.

The trials are carried out for the development and registration of agricultural products such as plant protection products (synthetic, natural or biological), biostimulants, plant growth regulators, as well as other biological control agents (pheromones, attractants, etc.). The tested products are applied at pre-emergence or post-emergence on the soil, on the seed or during sowing, on the seedlings, on the foliage, at post-harvest and during storage of products.

The GEP trials are carried out by our experienced scientific team in all regions of Greece and on a very wide range of crops such as trees, vines, arable crops (cereals, legumes and industrial plants) and vegetables (field and greenhouse). The studies are performed according to the GΕP Standard Operating Procedures of AgriScienceGEO. The trials are carried out by using modern equipment and in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedures of AgriScienceGEO. The data generated from the trials are managed with ARM software or other specialized software according to requirements of our clients.

AgriScienceGEO can offer the following GEP studies:


 03.01.01.GEP Biological Trials. Efficacy evaluation.01    03.01.01.GEP Biological Trials. Efficacy evaluation.02    03.01.01.GEP Biological Trials. Efficacy evaluation.03

  • Efficacy of Plant Protection Products (PPP)
  • Activity of Plant Growth Regulators (PGR)
  • Seed treatment
  • Crop harvest and yield
  • Post-harvest treatment

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  • Phytotoxicity evaluation/crop safety

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  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluation in field and laboratory – Harvest/Yield trials

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  • Effects on non-target organisms
  • Effects from PPP persistence in soil (carry over)
  • Spray drift
  • Stubble crops
  • Crop rotation

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  • Resistance monitoring on plant protection products
  • Effective dose determination
  • Insect rearing for laboratory tests and artificial inoculations
  • Seed germination check


  • Threshing of cereals
  • Ginning of cotton
  • Drying of plant material or soil

Other trials

The following tests are not related to plant protection products, but are carried out following the procedures for GEP experimentation.

Depending on the research stage of the test products, we offer the following GEP trials:

  • Screening trials
  • Registration trials for formulated products
  • Demonstration and marketing trials

Our GEP services include:

  • Overall Project and Study management.
  • Drafting of the Trial Protocol
  • Preparation of a trial notebook to record the raw data.
  • Performance of field or laboratory work
  • Management and statistical analysis of experimental data with specialized software.
  • Drafting of a Final Report of the results

If you are interested in conducting GEP biological trials with AgriScienceGEO, please contact us today.