About AgriscienceGEO

AgriScienceGEO™ is an independent private Contract Research Organization that provides high quality research and development experimentation services in the agricultural sector related to crop protection and crop production.


Our company is certified by the Greek state as a Testing Facility that operates in accordance with the principles of Good Experimental Practice (GEP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).


We offer a portfolio of biological studies for the evaluation of crop protection products, fertilizers, biostimulants, propagation material and other agricultural products based on international methods and standards.


Our services are provided nationwide by our specialized scientific team and for a wide range of crops and target-organisms through our network of collaborators and farmers.


Our range of services includes:


  • GEP field and laboratory biological trials for synthetic PPPs, natural or organic preparations and PGRs
  • GLP field and greenhouse residue studies
  • Biostimulant trials
  • Preliminary Screening tests
  • Demonstration/marketing trials for positioning of new products
  • Laboratory tests
  • Variety trials
  • GLP & GEP Processing studies